Hot Air Balloon Rides Orlando Florida

Greater Orlando Balloon Rides is flying balloon flights in the Disney World area of Orlando Florida.  Hot Air Balloon rides are offered seven days a week at sunrise.  Balloon Rides are weather permitting and reservations are Hot Air Balloon Rides Floridarequired.  A deposit is required to secure a flight date.  Balloon rides are only conducted at sunrise when the winds are the calmest.  Weather information can be found on our site in the Weather or Not section under the About the Flight tab.  Choose your flight date today!  The Balloon flight begins with a pre-flight briefing with your pilot.  Capt Kim McCourt will explain all the details about the balloon ride and what to expect.  We have found that passengers enjoy the flight more when they know what to expect.  Then you will be taken to the launch site for the assembly, inflation and launch of the balloon.  Launch sites will vary depending on the wind direction and speed on that morning.  Hot air balloon flights will vary slightly in length depending on the weather factors of that flight.  Wind speeds and wind direction will change the landing options on each flight.  Your pilot will explain how navigation is done by altering the altitude of the hot air balloon to use different wind layers at different altitudes to navigate.  The process is quite fascinating and just adds to the overall experience of the hot air balloon flight.  Upon landing your ground team will meet you and assist in packing away the Hot Air Balloon.  Then you will participate in the traditional Champagne Toast.  The tradition of Champagne upon landing is one that dates back over 200 years and your Captain will tell you the entire story about how that became a tradition. During the Champagne ceremony you will be provided with a Champagne cup with the Balloonist’s Prayer written on the cup.  This Champagne cup is yours to keep as a souvenir of your mornings balloon flight. Since the balloon flight is weather permitting you will be asked to check in with your pilot the night before the flight to confirm the flight is a go.  Driving instructions will be confirmed at that time.  We can not wait to see you!

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