Greater Orlando Balloon Rides

From our Pilots

WE LOVE TO FLY!  After thousands of flights and tens of thousands of passengers we still LOVE TO FLY.  Ballooning is called  the "Art of Aerostation"  A term coined sometime in the 1700's.  Aerostation is the ability to ride layers of wind at varying altitudes to navigate.  Think of this as 3 dimensional sailing.  Every day is different and even while you are flying the weather and wind layers are changing.  This challenging and extremely addictive endeavor is something we have in our blood and love to practice every flight.  There are NO WORDS to explain a balloon flight.  If you find someone who had flown in a balloon (it does not matter if it was yesterday or 10 years ago) they will sit straight up in their chair and tell you all about it. It would be our pleasure to create such a memory for you as well.

Fly well, Have FUN & BE SAFE

From all the GOBR Pilots

Air Balloon
Hot air balloons landing

Current Passenger Pricing

Click here to see the current passenger pricing.  We offer group and private pricing

Current Pricing

  • Private Party of two $750.00
  • Per passenger rate $300.00 (Will have others on board.)

Are you looking for something that you will talk about forever?  How about something that you simply can not describe!  Wonder why thousands and thousands of people have flown in a balloon every year?  You simply must do this.  Take a moment and read over our Frequently Asked Questions page for great information about ballooning in general.